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Deontay Wilder: Conor Benn says American should be CHARGED BY POLICE over murderous Dominic Breazeale talk


The American caused uproar with his remarks

Rising British welterweight Conor Benn has told talkSPORT that Deontay Wilder should face police charges for suggesting he could ‘kill’ Dominic Breazeale.

The WBC heavyweight champion will defend his title against fellow countryman and bitter rival Breazeale on Saturday night, and has shocked the boxing world with his pre-fight comments.

Conor Benn is now 14-0 (9 KOs)

Conor Benn is now 14-0 (9 KOs)

Wilder initially stated he wants a ‘body’ on his record during a media day in which he also pointed out that boxing ‘is the only sport where you can kill a man and get paid for it at the same time.’

He concluded: “It’s legal, so why not use my right to do so?”

After hearing this, Benn told Jim White on talkSPORT: “To kill a man, to go into a fight with that mentality, he should be charged. There’s obviously something not right there.

“Even if he is just building the fight, even he’s just really hyping the fight, what happens if he does get put in a coma?

“Well then, he should be charged.”

Deontay Wilder made serious threats about Dominic Breazeale

Amanda Westcott/Showtime

Deontay Wilder made serious threats about Dominic Breazeale

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman announced on Thursday that their heavyweight champion will now face a hearing to explain his comments, which he branded ‘completely against the spirit of our sport.’

When asked if he thought Wilder should be stripped of his belt, Benn continued: “More than that. You’re going in there intentionally to kill someone? Why should that be legal?

“No, we go into the ring to show we are better class, better skilled and a better fighter all round.

“Not going in there to really try and hurt someone. I couldn’t think of anything worse…

Conor Benn was disgusted by Wilder’s comments

Conor Benn was disgusted by Wilder’s comments

“He’s just coming out with, ‘I’m gonna kill the man and it’s legal.’

“Nah, that’s horrible. That’s horrendous, spiteful and evil. There’s no room for that in this sport. It’s a gentleman’s sport.”

Sadly, the Benn family have first-hand experience with boxing tragedies.

When Conor’s father, Nigel, knocked out Gerald McClellan in 1995, the American collapsed in his corner and suffered a blood clot on the brain.

He survived, but is today almost completely blind and mainly uses a wheelchair to move.

Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan ended in tragic circumstances

Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan ended in tragic circumstances

Benn concluded: “Even if he is just saying it to build the fight, what if it does happen?

“I pray to God that nothing does happen because I don’t know if maybe Deontay could live with that.

“Because I’ve seen my Dad struggle with what he done to McClellan. You see that and it’s horrendous…

“My Dad’s not the same man he was back then. Now he’s got a lot more soft-hearted.”

Since making the initial comments, Wilder has doubled down on his remarks and stated that he would be willing to pay for Breazeale’s funeral.

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